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I have called seven times and make complaints on this guy that's the new driver at where I live his supervisors not do anything about it I've sent pictures of torn up packages packages left out in the rain and 80 lb grill left by the gate and I'm a 59 year-old woman and could not get it to the house and now he has a package in mind that he will not bring to the front door and he will not leave he keeps leaving tags I signed the door tag left it taped to my front gate today and he put another one next to it saying could not deliver package but FedEx Express left the package at my front door this morning and I have called and spent hours on the phone their Advocate told me to drive to Columbia which is 100 miles from my house to pick up my package do we not pay FedEx for delivery that's why we pay shipping fees when we order things and no one is doing anything about this driver he's not delivering the package because he's mad there's nothing on the package is it that has to be signed for and I sign the tags I have pictures of it and I'll let you know tell him where to leave it and he would not leave the package and they are not taking care of what they should I've had to spend several hours on the phone the blind package tour open all my personal information was gone out of it on the receipt that had to be replaced a Christmas tree he threw out in the rain with plastic on each end of it not in the center and now this item which is a Santa Claus item and he will not leave the package he left a pair of diamond earrings tied to the gate which is only held by dog leash he put those packages in front of the gate which one of them weighed 80 lb I could even push the gate open that was on the other side of the gate he just said some over there and still no one is doing anything about it and we can see where I signed the tag and he left the other one right next to it today and would not leave the package and I also left a note telling him where to put it

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