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When renovating our home we ordered two 650 foot rolls of laminate flooring underlayment from Amazon (supposed to be a moisture barrier to protect the floors from water damage, etc...) and they were almost $200 each. They were fairly large rolls of what looks like plastic and styrofoam.

When FedEx delivered it, it came a day earlier than the tracking info stated (which was fine but we weren't expecting it) and the driver left them both sitting in front of our multi-unit dwelling in the pouring down rain in the middle of a puddle with the wrapper completely torn off the one roll.

I called FedEx to complain and they were not helpful in any way. We would have gladly gone down to fed-ex to pick up the packages instead of enduring the stress of trying to figure out how to ship a giant package back to the sender while waiting to see how much of the product was ruined and unusable. All while pressed for time in our home renovation...

I understand that maybe it just looked like two giant rolls of plastic but please be respectful of the fact that it is something that we paid money for you to deliver to us.

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All I'm saying is that they could have covered it with plastic or put the little post-it that says for me to pick it up at the warehouse. I am a consumer using your service and it was more than the box that was ruined. We have all seen the videos of the guy throwing the TV over the fence- you work for a company whose job is to deliver a service to a customer and I'm hoping that Fed-Ex doesn't share the same attitude as the employees apparently do.


It's not laziness. Its that we work for a company that wants us to deliver packages that are sometimes just to heavy and bulky for one person to handle.

Then if we wreak our back, no health coverage.

After doing this for awhile u dont take chances. Its much better to damage a box than your back

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