February 5, 2021 (Friday) .. 2:51 p.m.

TO: FedEx

Reference: Complaint

Today, at approximately 1:27 p.m., as I came to a stop sign within my gated subdivision (Estates of Northpark; Covington, Louisiana), a FedEx "ground" vehicle that had minutely arrived at her stop sign of Walnut Street at Northpark Boulevard ahead of me --BUT DID NOT STOP-- (the FedEx driver) made a right turn off Walnut and onto Northpark; and, in doing so, her vehicle's right-side rear tire was off the street paving and DUG into the soil beyond the street.

Now, there is an extended nasty gouge in this landscaped grass. [Additional complaint item follows.]

I want to especially point out that our streets, their curbing, edge markings, and associated landscaping were only two months ago COMPLETELY RE-SURFACED and that the point of Walnut Street at Northpark Boulevard was then additionally WIDENED to further assist vehicles such as your company's even easier maneuvering. This gouged out soil was NOT gouged in any way prior to your vehicle today doing this damage, and it is extremely noticeable. It happens that I had driven past that point only half an hour previous to this incident and, further, I saw your vehicle, at 1:27 p.m.

today, "jump" the street's edge and do the "gouging"!

Only about two months ago, I and my neighbors paid many hundreds of thousand of dollars for this new re-surfacing and landscaping. I am infuriated that you have done this, thus I am reporting it and today's other infraction to our management office and to each of our Board members.

It rained here last night and it was slightly raining as this incident happened; thus, any driver should know that you cannot ride such a vehicle on soil and grass landscaping without making big gouges! Had your driver done a proper stop and then proceeded to make a correct turn with the usual caution, this GOUGE would not be there!

Because of this, I followed your driver. She turned (right) onto Catalpa Trace, continued non-stop all the way to Laurel Oak, made a left turn onto Laurel Oak, stopped quickly to rush a package under the slightly ajar overhead garage door of that corner plot neighbor whose physical address is actually Catalpa Trace, and drove off.

About one or two minutes later, this same driver and vehicle came back (east to west) down Laurel Oak, stopped, and quickly ran a package to the front entry of 64 Laurel Oak. She then continued to the west end of Laurel Oak, DID do the stop, turned left (south) onto Catalpa Trace, and I saw her no more.

All of her driving along the initial time (1:27/1:28 p.m.) on Catalpa Trace was over our speed limit of 15 mph --but not significantly over that limit. As I followed her, she was continuously pulling further ahead of me but I did keep her vehicle in sight all of Catalpa Trace, then could see that she made a left turn onto Laurel Oak. In that extremely short catch-up time, I arrived at the Laurel Oak turn and saw her stop the vehicle and go with a package to that garage door opening, as mentioned.

During her and my driving at this time on Catalpa Trace and on Laurel Oak, there were no other moving vehicles.

While I accept that your drivers are pressed to a very tight, very strict delivery schedule, I and my neighbors do NOT want FedEx to damage our property or to endanger our safety.

This driver is likely an otherwise nice person, and working for a living as all responsible humans do. I would hope that FedEx will do only that necessary to prevent this in the future.

I will say that I and my neighbors very, very frequently see your drivers NOT stopping at our stop signs (they frequently do what is called "a slow roll") AND speeding --many times a good deal more than the slight speeding done by today's driver about whom I am complaining.

As stated earlier, I am sending a full copy of this epistle to my subdivision's management office and to each member of our Board.

Thank you.

Helen L.


68 Laurel Oak

Covington, Louisiana 70043-****

e-mail .. john030544@***.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Vehicle Driver.

Location: 109 Northpark Boulevard, Covington, LA 70433

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