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A fedex customer service rep called me and said my package would be here on the 24th (yesterday) and didn't come. I was expecting the package all day!

I even waited in my living room for hours and no one stopped by. I called customer service and they did absolutely nothing to help me. They told me someone had come by my house on the 20th but I was home all that day waiting for it then! There was no sticker on my door or anything.

They never came by! I never had this problem with UPS! They always deliver. I received a package from them on the 18th and when I missed them the day before I found the sticker on my door letting me know they had come by.

If fedex had come by I would have my package but I don't. Their service is terrible and their representIves are no help at all!

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Two complaints about exactly the same thing, one hour apart, worded exactly the same, only with different user names. Do you really thing two complaints will do you any good, plus it makes you look kind of odd.

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