This why are packages don't show up on time or are "lost" and its said that at 8- 9:30 am they tell you they are on lunch! Wow not only is this not safe but what if he is a sick *** trying to hurt women or little girls?

I told him what you going to sit here all day and pretend your buying or talking on the phone until one of them gives you a number? He said well its my lunch at 8:30 a.m?

I told him to be careful he never knows which one of us is an off duty cop! He decided to leave but not before I got his truck number.

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Drivers are required by federal law to take a 30 min break within first 8 hrs of coming on duty. If u have issues with this take it up with lawmakers. Not the driver.

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Depending on what time the driver reported to work, they could be taking lunch at 8:30-9:30. I know of bus drivers that take their lunch break about that time of the morning.

Also I used to work a midnight shift in a factory and when we all had to punch out at about 2:00AM, that was a half an hour break, that was referred to as lunch/supper/dinner-----but never breakfast. People do eat their meals at different times of the day, depending on the hours that they work.

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