FedEx normally delivers right to my front door and rings the bell. Today they decided to walk into my open garage more than 15ft in and left both boxes next to my interior door.

My daughters accidentally left it open. Then they labeled the delivery as "Left at front door". Unless otherwise arranged neither FedEx or UPS should ever enter any part of a home including the garage. Its totally against policy.

The driver had two heavy boxes to carry and didn't want to walk the extra 25ft to the front door. I have cameras and a security system due to thefts we have had.

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West Hempstead, New York, United States #720415

Did you get the packages? Yes you did!

Then shut up and stop complaining. If you get stuff stolen from your house, why did your Daughter's leave the door open in the first place.

Maybe you should have a talk with them!


Not against policy. Leave at door most used to make sure you see it.

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