Why do they state overnight night shipping, you pay your hard earned money for a service they can't provide? I am just one of the millions of pissed off consumers that had a problem with their deliveries.

I took the morning off to receive an important package by 10:30 am. Then I call them at 12 in the afternoon asking what's going on. Fedex apologized for the inconvenience. REALLY your fawking apology is not going to get my hours I lost from work back because of your misleading advertising of next day shipping.

You could have called or sent an email stating that there will be a delay, that was the least this garbage company could of done. This company hires incompetent employees drivers etc, have you seen how they handle packages. They state it was an isolated incident, NO it was not. It just happens to be the only one caught on camera.

Really if your employees took their job seriously and were professional you probably would have more people ship through Fedex, but because of your lack of better judgement and people skills this is the kind of garbage service that we pay for. If anyone is out there reading this STAY AWAY FROM FEDEX!

They don't care about anything but $$$$, once they have your money they figure the service they provide you can be half assed and no one will care. Thanks for ruining my day FedEx

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I drive for FedEx and I can tell you they have thousands of employees handling millions of packages every month. I came here after selling a hi-tech company I founded and managed for over twenty five years.

The employees here do care and work their tails off to deliver the service expected. 1/10 th of one percent of the time something unforeseen happens to foil those efforts. Like a snow storm on Minnesota causes a late package in Miami. Frustrating for all concerned but doesn't justify disrespecting truck drivers or FedEx employees.

Please consider others and allow them the same latitude you allow yourself. Think before you vent.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780581

You know, its ok to make mistakes once in a while with the size of that company. but there 1400+ complaints here about CUSTOMER SERVICE. these people are lacking in that area with all the money they take from us, the S O B's need to at least be courteous and that tells you who runs FEDEX is just a bunch of truck drivers with all respect to truck drivers..they know how to drive trucks and they are paid for that but these guys are paid millions to drive a company that is making money anyway cause we all assume its the only American company or delivery company for international and domestic..when we start using DHL and other then they will start to hurt and pay attention to CUSTOMER SERVICE

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