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I ordered one-day shipping on an item, expecting to receive it last Friday. Instead the bunglers at Fedex arrived when I was at work, slipping me a "helpful" note to let me know they failed to arrive when I was available.

Monday was the same story, and Tuesday I got home around 2PM, hoping to beat them to my place, but nope, thanks to their unpredictable delivery schedule, they arrived an hour earlier than me, and a request to redeliver later in the same day was ignored. Now, since I don't have reliable transportation, I have to take a taxi ten miles to their office because these idiots can't do their jobs.

The worst part is that I live at an apartment complex, and the office staff there would have gladly held onto the package for me until I could have claimed it. But Fedex didn't bother going that route, not even after I told them to.

Thanks for nothing, you morons. Now I just hope they didn't manage to smash the contents on top of everything else they botched.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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