We ordered a product to complete a time sensitive order. Fed Ex took three days to show that it was up for delivery. We called to check on it even though tracking showed that it was, first, up for delivery, and then, delivered. We knew that it wasn't delivered, and they said it would be delivered before 5:00 PM. At 5:30 PM we left.

We called the next morning and was told that we were not open at 4:00 PM and the package was left. It wasn't.

We checked all the businesses adjacent to us and no package. Another call, this time wer we tole that we had the package, but after getting a little more forceful, they said they would check on it and get back to us within the hour. After an hour and a half, we called again. This time we were told we had given the wrong address and it was our fault. After checking with the vendor, they provided their copy, correct address. Their tracking even even showed the correct address.

Another call, this time we threatened to have one of the local TV stations check on this, and post their responses on the internet. Oh, I forgot to say we DO record all of our conversations, and when we told them this, they returned the call and found our package and had it delivered in 35 minutes.

Fed Ex almost lost a large customer for us, not counting the $1600.00 order. They did cost us 3 people working 4 hours at night.

Monetary Loss: $385.

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