I had a package including some very expensive tickets that required a signature for delivery. I saw that my package was "out for delivery" and I waited...

and waited... and waited....waited some more. Finally, it was getting close to the time when they stop making deliveries and the main office closes, and I called the main FedEx place here in Richland, and ask what was going on... I eventually get a call back from who apparently was the driver saying he "forgot to deliver" my package, and could I "come get it".

Yes. That's what I paid 20 dollars in shipping costs for. So I could drive 45 minutes out of my way because you FORGOT TO DO YOUR JOB. Oh my god.

I'm convinced that all the FedEx employees do is sit around toking it up at work. This is not the only bad experience I've ever had with FedEx (all of them have been bad. ALL OF THEM) but it was certainly the most note-worthy. I was never offered an apology.

I was just told that I had no choice but to come pick it up. Worst customer service ever. I wish more companies would give you the option of who to ship with when purchasing online.

I hope this company crashes and burns. They have idiotic delivery windows (no home delivery on Monday, and you can forget getting help with an undelivered home package issues on Monday), they price gouge, and they have zero customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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