On May 1st, I ordered a lei from the Hawaiian Lei Co. for my mother to be delivered 5/9/08 prior to 10:30 am, PDT. I asked to be told if I had to change the shipping date to the 8th in order to have it by noon today.

FedEx sent my parcel to LAX instead of Oakland, and they steadfastly refuse to deliver it today. They can't even guarantee it for tomorrow.

It is after 5 pm in Northern CA, and I'm on hold with a "Customer Advocate" in Dallas. She can't locate my parcel, my mother doesn't have her flowers, and I will never use FedEx for anything ever again.

My mother is 82, she deserved her flowers, and FedEx had the audacity to tell me to find a local vendor to replace what I had ordered from Hawaii.

If Hawaiian flowers were available in CA, I would have done precisely that. The Hawaiian Lei Co. has promised to refund my money, but I do not have the credit on my card yet.

The FedEx "Customer Advocate" in Dallas just can't seem to get her act together. Where does FedEx find these people? They certainly do not provide any "service".

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consumer too

There are always problems with flowers from Hawaii. All flowers from Hawaii have to be actually inspected by US Agriculture inspectors on site when they arrive in the mainland.

FedEx can not deliver them until they are inspected. The US Agriculture department doesn't work weekends normally. What usually happens is that the flower companys don't tell thier customers that thier flowers need to be inspected and may be held up. The flower companys ship flowers to the mainland via FedEx daily and know how it works.

FedEx can't controll what the flower companys do and don't tell you and they can't control how the US Government works either.

The suit going to the wrong place could have been a result of a wrong zip code being on the package or a courier mistyping a number when routing it.

Can't tell you why the veil didn't ever arrive except that maybe the airbill came off and that there wasn't any other identifing info on the package. It's amazing how poorly people package things that they ship.


We had flowers that were sent from Hawaii and paid extra money to make sure it gets here. I was flower leis for my sisters graduation and I call to get the status and the package was i Oakland instead of Ontario and because the plane broke down they could deliver until the next day. Even though they have FedEx ground they do not even bother or attempted to find another way to get the package to the final destination. Full of ***.

We needed to send a suit for a baptism had faith attempt to use FedEx again. My package was going to Lihue Kauai and check the status idiots sent it to Kona. Called them and asked them since the package is in Kona to send it to Kauai and the supervisor advsd that they returned it back to the sender. Where she was full of ***. The package was still in Kona and sat the for four days. Then they delivered it to Kauai. The rep did not know what she was doing ... maybe she was new ... but the supervisor just lied.

I was not rude at anytime and no attempt was even there to try and go out there way to help.

Now I see why people are rude they do on purpose because there is actually an outcome most of the time.

Hey maybe third time is a charm .... *** no won't bother.

Elm Grove, Wisconsin, United States #11586

I can relate. Fedex did the same thing with my wedding.

i was supposed to get my veil (that i custom ordered and had custom made) two days before my wedding. they actually LOST my delivery and i NEVER got my veil. i cried all day because it was an exact replica of my mother's veil on her wedding day. needless to say, i got my money back but i will never ever use fedex again.

i can never get my wedding day back! i understand how you feel. i don't think it was the flower company's fault though. they look like they credited you back right away.

i never got a credit back from the seamstress who sewed my veil.

i bugged fedex for a week and got then to reimburse me in full. you should see if fedex will also give you some $$ for your loss.

Cumberland, Wisconsin, United States #11549

Aloha Ms Snyder,

We are terribly sorry about the FedEx mishap. Please know that this is not the norm, but FedEx is trying their best during a busy shipping week for Mother's Day. We fulfilled your order and did not foresee a problem would occur with FedEx. We are currently filing a claim with FedEx and we did credit you back in full today (same day you called us.)

See details:

Transaction ID: VXJE2BE4FB5C

Transaction Type: C(Credit) 5/9/08

Amount: USD 82.00

We are so sorry and we have made personal arrangements with you via one of our customer representatives for something special.


The Hawaiian Lei Company

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