I had a painting shipped to my home in Washington, DC. It was due to arrive last Wednesday and so I waited at home all day, until 8pm and nothing was delivered. I had to go out at that point and when I returned I found a delivery sticker saying they'd tried at 9:17pm! (well after the 8-8 time zone they claim).

Next they said it would be delivered on Saturday. Again I waited at home all day. I checked the online tracker at 5:20 to find that the driver had claimed he'd tried to deliver the painting at 5:15, which he clearly hadn't. I called FedEx to tell them and they said they had no way of contacting the driver as his branch was now closed! I said I wanted to make a complaint about the fact their driver was making false statements about deliveries. They said someone would call me back but nobody has.

On Tuesday, the next day available for delivery, I checked the online tracker and it said they were "awaiting further delivery information from the recipient" (note they hadn't called to ask for this). I phoned to ask what this was and was told that the driver couldn't find my house! Nevermind that they'd been there a few days earlier, nevermind the fact that I live on a main road in the middle of a city built on a grid (the streets and all numbers and letters, not hard to find!). They said they'd try again tomorrow. I won't hold my breath...

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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