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I brought a desk lamp for my study desk last Sunday on Walmart and it is shipped by FedEx home delivery. Tracking by FedEx system yesterday and it indicated the package was due to delivered today. Waited at home the whole morning without any knock or call and I get a "Delivery exception" for FedEx "cause I wasn't at home"...

Called customer service and they ask me to find a door tag... Of cause there isn't any door tag there... I have a clear view of the apartment entrance road and no FedEx truck showed up today unless they use invisible truck with invisible driver...

As I remenber, we used to get some package from FedEx around 5 - 6pm just a few days ago. It is strange that they decided "Delivery exception" much earlier...Must be a FAKE delivery attempt... Let's what they will do tomorrow...

Whatever the outcome is, this is the last time I use FedEx...

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Lets all boycott FEDEX.

Same thing happened to me today. My wife and I waited all day for the package and tracked it online. What we got was "Delivery exception", "Customer not available or business closed". What a load of BULL.

Lets all boycott FEDEX.

I will phone the online Retailer and complain to them about FEDEX. I will no longer use the FEDEX ship method.

Lets all boycott FEDEX until they have better customer support and honest Delivers.

I'll stick USPS.

Lets all boycott FEDEX.


I have a similar problem, but in my case it said delivered

wtf by someone signed for it, but I stay @ my apt all the time. No door tag either

I am really *** right now. (the worst thing is I don't know the real tracking number because it's encoded by Fujitsu website *** !)

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