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Waited all day, checked for the door tag within 10 minutes of them posting the fake "attempted delivery" but there was none. Called, and on second call was told I was lying about the missing doortag. They have to know they have a problem with drivers faking these deliveries and yet they made me feel like I was the one lying.

Waiting another full day tomorrow at home. I had things to do!

I used to have a high opinion of this company but I'm horrified by how I was treated today, and by the abysmal service level. FedExFail!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #615110

i didn't rush delivery, wasn't in a hurry for it, and almost cancelled when i had to pay $7 to ship a $20 item. now this.

i almost forgot about it, checked email, got notifications, found out that they came sat and i didn't know. i didn't go anywhere, no door tag.

then they skip monday, to go tuesday, today, and today there was no door tag, and as i checked throughout the day i noticed a new delivery exception around 3pm. so, now here comes 3rd attempt, wondering if they will actually deliver this thing, or will it get returned, i get a refund on the item *and hopefully delivery too*...


Lets all boycott FEDEX.

Same thing happened to me today. My wife and I waited all day for the package and tracked it online. What we got was "Delivery exception", "Customer not available or business closed". What a load of BULL.

Lets all boycott FEDEX.

I will phone the online Retailer and complain to them about FEDEX. I will no longer use the FEDEX ship method.

Lets all boycott FEDEX until they have better customer support and honest Delivers.

Lets all boycott FEDEX.


I've been waiting all day for my laptop, I go online and check my delivery status and it says that they attempted to deliver it, but I wasn't here. I went outside and there was a note on my front door saying that they attempted delivery.


They really need to start doing something about this, people need their packages on time damnit! I'm going to hide in the bushes tomorrow and if he tries pulling the same thing, I'm going to give him one *** of a scare.


I was the victim of a phantom delivery attempt today. I was home and was tracking the package.

At 9:55am someone scanned the package and said delivery attempted, no one home.

I was home, and there was no doorbell and no note.

Aside from the obvious frustrations, how can this be acceptable behavior considering after three "attempts" they return the package to its sender. What a scam!


they shouldnt get away with this. this also happened to me.

keep calling and complaining, maybe the big wigs will change this someday.

As for the ground driver saying this is how its done....NO its not. they are never to scan and release until it physically leaves their posession


I can't even begin to express my frustration. I waited all morning on Saturday and then at noon it says "delivery exception." So we called Fedex and asked if we can meet up with the driver and they said the driver would call back.

Of course they didn't. We called again and said the driver never called back and they said we will have to wait until tuesday for the next delivery.So we asked the driver to call us on Tuesday when he arrived. So we waited all morning on Tuesday. I looked out the door every 10 mins or so.

I saw the USPS truck. Then I saw the fedex truck across the street. I went there and the guy said he's with Fedex express and doesn't have my package. I have to wait for Fedex ground.

So 10 mins after, it shows delivery exception online again. But no truck came. No door tag. No phone call.

So I called Fedex right away. They said they will drop it off at a Fedex center so we can pick it up. They said to call back in two hours to see if it's at the center. We did that, and it wasn't there.

They said it will be there by the end of the day. We called again and of course not there yet. They asked us to call back in another two hours. Last call, they said it's not at the center and we can't get it today.

So we tried to file a complaint with the driver. We were given a complaint number but we are not sure what will happen.

That's our story with Fedex. We never had a problem with UPS.


This is a routine occurrence here, with service from the Burlington, WA Fedex office. I guess they are too busy and want to get back home, so they just status whatever is still on the truck as "delivery attempted" when they never came near the house.

Today was a new twist, I waited all day and then at 5:48pm the status showed "delivered - left at front door". I hadn't heard any truck, checked both doors and nothing there, then checked my surveillance cameras to confirm there had been no truck here (or at the neighbors).

Thinking it was mis-delivered, I called and opened a case with someone obviously in one of those India call centers -- could barely understand him through his heavy East Indian accent.

Then an hour later, at 6:45, the truck pulls up with the package. I asked why it was shown as delivered an hour ago, and he said "I knew it was going to be delivered, so went ahead and released it." I said that wasn't right, they shouldn't be showing packages delivered that aren't yet deliverd. He told me "That's the way its done" and left.

FEDEX Ground absolutely SUCKS. I have had pretty good service from the Fedex Express office (Bothell, Wa) but the Fedex Ground service is terrible.


Same problem here in Manhattan, NYC. Always two faked attempts with no door tag.

On the third attempt they usually show up. I do not understand how they can get away with this.

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