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I took my Saturday and waited at the office for 2 very important packages. Tracking said they would deliver Saturday.

I never left the office, even had lunch delivered. FedEx driver marked down he attempted delivery. This never happened. When I called the response I received was sorry for your luck.

Customer service rep actually said most Saturday drivers make a "weak attempt at delivery on Saturday or not at all". I run a small trucking company and if I did this I would be out of business. This tells me FedEx doesn't give a dam about the customer.

I will go out of my way to never use FedEx again. I will tell every customer I have about what poor service I received.

User's recommendation: NEVER USE FEDEX.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $320.

Preferred solution: Compensation for time spent at the office on my day off..

FedEx Cons: Customer service awful lied about attempting saturday delivery.

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Before Covid-19: He had bad work habits & rudeness before all this started with Covid-19, so he can’t say he is over worked and stressed cause of covid-19. He just has bad a personality.

My Fedex-ground guy signs my name that he hands me the packages, when I’m not even at work. I sure didn’t like that. When you ask do you need to sign for it? His comment is “Nope, I got it!” That’s not good when your not the person he hands it to.

During Covid-19: I left to pick up some food and he informed the co-worker covering my area. “ I needed to be staying at my desk and not leaving!” I had an area marked off in the front lobby, where he could put the 9 different department buildings orders. Being all our offices closed down for covid-19. He let us know really fast he wasn’t placing it out like that, he didn’t have time for that.

I though it was good allowing him one stop for all 9 locations.

The 9 different offices he could have delivered all the packages to were actually spread out across our county. He needs a supervisor to evaluate his performance for the FEDEX GROUND Company.


Happened to me once to on a Saturday. I was piiiisssseeeddd!