Every weekend after Thanksgiving, FedEx fakes their delivery attempts, doesn't come to my house, doesn't leave door tags. They did the same exact thing last year, and it happened again this weekend.

FedEx, if you're reading, PLEASE GIVE YOUR DRIVERS THIS WEEKEND OFF. PLEASE HIRE SOME EXTRA TEMPS FOR THIS SEASON. I don't mind paying a little more, and I don't mind getting my package late. What I cannot stand, though, is being lied to any told that delivery attempts were made when I was home, right by my front door all, and no one even left me a door tag.

This time, in addition to faking three delivery attempts, your driver also claims to have left my package with some random person named "SJAMES," who allegedly signed for it.

That is not my name, nor it is the name of any of my neighbors.

Moreover, I was home--right here by my front door--at the time that this random signature was attained. What ever is going on with these fake delivery attempts needs to be sorted out, because given all this, I'm very suspicious that it was your driver who faked that signature, too.

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

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