I bought a laptop from dell it was shipped out dec. 19 and was supposed to be delivered on 21.

Then they called and said that it was going to be late and would be delivered on the 23. On the 24 I got a call saying that they forgot to send it out and that it was being sent out on the 24. It was delivered to portland, oregon at 3pm 26 of Dec. Portland is 2hrs from Dupont WA , it took 2 days to get to Dupont, WA.

Dupont is 1 hr from my house in Aberdeen,WA. It took 3 days to get from Dupont to Aberdeen. Now its in aberdeen 5 minutes from my home. It took 2 days to deliver to my house.

Total of 14 days for 2 day shipping and I had to fight them to not pay for 2 day shipping. Then I find out that 2 day shipping ground is the same as basic ground shipping, its just a fantsy name and more money for the same service. Isn't that false advertising ??

Tell me that is not legal?? When I fought the lady about not paying 2 day service it got really nasty, like i had no reason not to pay for 2 day shipping when i got it in 14 days!!

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Wow at the trolls on here nope it doesn't matter how pretty you put it Fed ex is like any corp unless you get legal on it they will keep doing what ever they want and pretty much can till you call them on it till the next John Henry comes along and they find another loop hole.Personal get a lawyer if you want if it is worth it to you (I would, just to prove a point) and go that route. They are a business like any other just after how much money they can get. So hit them back.


The 2 day shippment would be ok on Monday but not close to a weekend or holiday it can become a 5 days or more so be cautious if you need something in 2 days.


Why in the *** should he drive to pick it up when he PAID to have it shipped to him???


The person who purchased the Dell probably wasn't given an option to pick it up. I have an idea - get the sand out of your dried up ***.


Fedex Ground and Fedex Home Delv are Independent Contractors that FEDEx Corp created in order to keep the International Brotherhood of Teamsters our of their kingdom. All Divisions of Fedex Corp are contractors except the original Fedex Express who are Company Drivers. All Div wear the same uniforms so the customers cant tell the difference and the trucks all look the same except for the color of the EX portion on the logo


first i totally agree with sally. second dell does not ship any way except ground with fedex and ground service with fedex is standard 3 to 14 days delivery time if dell charged you for 2day express delivery then you need to be mad at them

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #49421

So, you waited 3 days for a package to be delivered to you, when you could have driven 1 hour to pick it up? Wait, this gets even better.

THEN you wait 2 more days when the package is at your local fedex site which is 5 minutes away from your home. Yet again, you don't get in your car and pick it up?

You are lazy and an ***. You deserve it.

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