Paid 60 dollars for 3-5 day service. Been 10 days now and found out they gave it to canada post for delivery.

WTF??? Crooks. Plain and simple. Never again.

I will be telling the shipper why I will never order from them again as ther courier (Fed Ex) made this my worst online experience ever. I've decided to never buy anything thru courier or mail ever again. Thanks Fed Ex. You can kiss my *** too.

Don't be so subtle next time. Just come rob me face to face you f**kers. They told me I have to contact the shipper to dispute the shipping charges. So I will waste more of my time and thers.

I'm sure the end result will be equal to getn a refund from the government for all the taxes u've paid in ur life... What this experience made me realize is I don't need anything in life other than food, shelter, and clothes. I will not support anything but those 3 again in my life.

Sorry but my money is mine. You aint ever getn a penny of support again.

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