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Fed EX and UPS employees working out of the Hayward, CA. store locations have opened boxes of electronic items, emptying the contents, repackaging the original shipping boxes minus contents.

The employees at these locations are well aware of what's going which makes them all accessories. Please take all precautions when using the services of Fed EX and/or UPS locations in Hayward, California. Please have the recipients of your products verify that the original shipping containers have not been tampered with, such as being cut open, re-taped to conceal being opened or re-packaged, as well as verifying all items have been received and immediately report any missing items to the highest levels of management at these companies.

Better yet your local media Consumer Affairs person.

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Both UPS and Fed X out of Hayward,CA. should be thoroughly investigated.

Thievery at these locations has been going on for years. And, there can be no doubt the management is aware of this thievery.

It is my understanding that according to the terms and conditions of the shipping contract you give these companies the right to open up your packages when you ship through them.

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