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I shipped the same bicycle carrier (two different bicycles weighing 3 lbs different) in opposite directions two weeks apart. First shipment was $77.

Coming back it was $177. Fed Ex (after several phone calls and a 2-page letter) blew me off my claiming the second shipment was by a "consolidator" who can set their own rates.

I found the so-called consolidator on the Fed Ex web site and it had a huge Fed Ex banner hanging outside the building. Bottom line is don't trust their shipping table, you can be charged at whatever rate the shipper can get away with.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #674797

What? You don't really make too much sense. If you sent from a place whose name is anything but "FedEx: Shipping Center, or FedEx: Print and Ship Center" then they are in the right.

Sorry but you are ignorant, you didn't realize where you were when you were shipping it back. Just because they had a banner that said FedEx doesn't mean you are at a store owned by FedEx. There are also places called "The UPS Store" who is an authorized location by the US Post Office to ship USPS!! They aren't even owned by UPS, they are individually owned and operated just like the place you were in.

Sorry for posting about 2 years later though...

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