I am traveling to Ghana in 9 days. To obtain a visa to Ghana you have to mail your passport to the embassy. I did this and paid to have the passport overnighted back to me via FedEx. I was tracking it online, as you can imagine, since it is extremely important. I was having it shipped to my parent's house in Elko, NV because that is the last place I will be before I leave the country. The tracking information online stated that it arrived at the Elko, NV FedEx office at roughly 7 in the morning on November 19 and was dropped off on my parent's door step at 12:30. Except that my mother took the day off of work to make sure she was there when it was delivered and it never arrived.

After calling them 3 times in less than 24 hours and having a personal melt down, the package was finally brought to my parent's house on the morning of the 20th...by a Fed Ex driver who had the day off and was supposed to deliver the package the night before. According to her, it arrived in Elko late the night before so she decided not to deliver it and instead took it home with her.

This leaves me with multiple questions. 1 - Why did it say it was in Elko at 7 in the morning on November 19 if it wasn't? 2 - Why did it say it was delivered at 12:30 if it wasn't even in Elko according to the driver? 3 - Why in God's name did the driver, who had Saturday off, take my package to her house? 4 - What is the point in paying for overnight shipping if it isn't going to be delivered overnight? 5 - Why has no one from Fed Ex ever called me back when I was told twice that someone was going to call me?

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"Secondly, get on the phone to a supervisor and write their name down and get their extension.Go up the ladder and demand answers.

Do it nicely but don't be a pushover."

LOL. You can go "up the ladder" all you want, it's not going to get you anywhere.

It's not like they're going to reimburse him/her for the hassle it caused.

Just chalk this up to a bad experience.And maybe take it as a sign not to go to Africa.


First, the driver should never take anything home with them.I would report him/her immediately to FedEx and do not report them to the FedEx in Elko, NV but instead call the corporate office.

Find your FedEx package to get the tracking #, etc. This will tell them which driver took it home.

Secondly, get on the phone to a supervisor and write their name down and get their extension. Go up the ladder and demand answers.

Do it nicely but don't be a pushover. I can't say enough about getting names and their phone numbers.

You need to get your money back as well.

Good luck!

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