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1) Fed Ex updated their web shipping and oh, oops - if you put a # sign by an apartment or suite - it comes back as an inaccurate address and the suite or apartment will NOT print on the shipping documents. You can't even force it. Do they plan on fixing this mindless little glitch - Heck no! It is better just to charge customer twice to ship the same package.

2) One of my shipments was on a truck that was involved in a wreck - a month later my very angry customer demanded to know where his package was. Oh, yes, Fed Ex knew but they didn't think it was important to notify anyone that none of the packages on that truck were delivered. They computerize every package and they didn't know what packages were on that truck so they could tell us. My customer was irrate and I am not too happy myself.

3) Now I have a shipment that was returned to me in a brand-new box with NO SHIPPING DOCUMENTS at all. I have absolutely no idea how they knew to return it to me. SO I call - it isn't protocol to return an item like that but IT ISN"T THEIR FAULT. It got from Lenexa, KS to Syracuse, NY OK and now it isn't their fault. Then who's fault is it? They don't know. Will they pay to reship it? Oh, no they can't do that. So far this month they have ripped me off to the tune of about $60.00 Doesn't seem like much but if they treat everyone like this - it certainly impacts their bottom line in a positive way.

My local driver is the best. I have no complaints with any of my drivers - Express or Ground - but CORPORATE STINKS! Give your guys a break and be stand up guys instead of double-talking, fork-tongues devils.

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