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Approx. 8/27/17/ (end of Aug.2017) My mobile phones/PC's, network had been persistantly and recently hacked by neighbor who utilizes huge magnetic antennas attached to external apt.

bldg. APPARENTLY THE FED EX DELIVERY PERSON is CHUMMY with HACKER NEIGHBOR, because when he delivered my new phone, the Fedex deliveryman announced loudly and boisterously, " my name: "I have a delivery for Jane Doe" "From Verizon Wireless" He literally INTENTIONALLY announced that the sender was Verizon Wireless to the Hacker/Neighbor as the hacker neighbor came down the stairs tip the hacker off. Then they both made eye contact and grinned at one another. I was royally ticked about this.

I signed fir my pkg., then he walked to the curb/street as the hacker neighbor had also walked to the street/curb, where he was waiting. The fedex guy has a rapport with the neighbor/hacker, and delivers to him regularly. The fedex delivery person has never before announced the sender in previous deliveries to us. HIS ACTIONS WERE INTENTIONAL!

This delivery person breached my private info.

to the person who has been hacking me to the tune of thousands of dollars, time and energy that I can't get back. He violated my privacy rights, not to mention, may have also made himself an accessory to a crime.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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