Came home yesterday to an overnight package delivered by Fed-Ex on our porch. All 4 sides had a bright red "THIS END UP" sticker.

The attached pic is how the box was placed on it's side by Fed-ex. Fortunately, the contents were not damaged. This trend seems to be increasing for both Fed-ex and UPS.

We receive many packages (do more online than brick-n-mortar shopping), and it appears as though regardless of the shipping service they are all declining (had packages similar to this also placed on the side which had FRAGILE - and were truly fragile/damaged.) This case was classic; package delivery is not rocket science. The delivery person would've needed to be color-blind and illiterate (not likely illiterate if delivering packages.)

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The FedEx delivery guy probably had 14 hours worth of packages to deliver in an 8 hour day. They are lucky to have time to read the address. If you think you can do better, get a job and do it.

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #777347

With Fedex, you're just lucky to get the package delivered on time. Expecting them to read directions is just expecting way too much from most of the idiots that deliver for them.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #771600

The FedEx delivery guy was most likely a graduate of an American public school and, as such is functionally illiterate making it hard if not impossible to read directions.

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