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Fed Ex just made a delivery to my home at 7:20pm Our little dog was outside she's not even 20lbs and maybe 10 inches off the ground...She goes crazy when one of these delivery trucks come. SO my daughter met him at his truck at the end of our driveway and he didn't even have to get out.

I realized the name and address on the package was not us and obviously he delivered the wrong package. I immediately got online and was beginning to notify Federal Express when he came back. This time he pulled in the driveway at an unnecessary rate of speed...Now knowing you just left this address and there was a little annoying dog AND there is a phone number available AND you could also do as you just did and stop at the end of the driveway again....wouldn't you take anyone of the previous to avoid any issues with the dog. No this guy thinks barreling into our driveway and yelling at me about the dog was the way to handle it..WELL LET ME WARN *** DELIVERY PEOPLE..WHEN AN AGGRESSIVE PERSON WITH AN ATTITUDE (AND IT WAS HIS MISTAKE) CONFRONTS A HOMEOWNER WITH A DOG RIGHT NEXT TO THEM YOU WILL GET ATTACKED AND IF YOU CONTINUE IN A THREATENING MANOR SAYING YOU BETTER GET THE *** DOG AWAY...WELL IT MAKES ONE WONDER WHO INDEED IS *** makes no difference how big or small a dog is...there instinct is to I get many deliverys usually through UPS I prefer them...she barks at the truck but the delivery person never has been aggressive or threatening (smart move) when they back out of the driveway she barks but thats it.

I was not expecting any delivery especially this late in the evening so I was not prepared.

During the day I am aware of the time frame UPS and the USPS delivers and I'm usually able to besure the dog isn't outside. Federal Express I hope you offer anger management with your benefit package this guy really needs it.

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Fedex is the worst delivery company. I wonder how are they still in business when UPS and USPS are so but sooo much better. No wonder Fedex in certain deals has the best prices.


Two uniformed FedEx Ground deliverymen rang every doorbell in my building. When I opened the front door, they rammed me with a huge package and wouldn't let me close my front door. Insisted on getting into my lobby to leave their package without a tag.

They rammed me, swore, threatened, and assaulted me. Unbelievable.

Never seen two punks cause more embarrassment to themselves and their company.

The next day- they're back on my block delivering packages!


FedEx service has really declined in the past several years. I have not had any simialr problems with UPS.

FedEx delivery communications are "very" unreliable. They call and tell you to wait for a delivery to sign for it then don't show up the entire day.

Happened three times already. I really wish my vendors like Dell and Lenovo and others would just stop using them altogether.


Yet another whiney internet ***.

Get a real life


At least he recognized his mistake and was in a hurry to finish up for the night. He forgot about the dog.

Best bet is to get a less aggressive mutt. Perhaps you could find a good dog psychologist who could provide THE DOG with anger-management training.

And you, too. You both have a problem.

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