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I paid for 1 to 2 days delivery of a package,on may 31st at 6:41am it arrived at the facility on Staten Island.I send them a message 7:30am on may 31st,i got no reply then i called the 1800 # and had them relayed the message to th staten island location,eventually they called me that evening,i then explained my problem.On june 1st i send them 2 other notification i got no reply,i call again the 800#,i asked that agent to have them deliver by package by 12 noon and if it's going to pose a problem don't put it on the truck,leave it at the office and i'll pick it there.She told me they are aware of it,i have to be at work and by noon,i called back the 800# at after 12,i was on the phone until 1:18 that afternoon,they even called the office the truck guy is telling me after 4 before he going to be in my area,i had a request leave my package if delivery is not gauranteed,instead to try and make a delivery atleat by 3pm,even if that means im late for work it's still my request to have my package remain there i would have gone to get it and still be on time for work,and then they had the nerves to act as if nothing was wrong,poor service

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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The problem i have with them is'nt troll alert or yours NerdlingerSS.Yall calling people on here ***.First of all yall don't know me,secondly i don't want to know you either.Mind yall business,get a life *** wipes.Yall don't like my comments don't read it,you guys mak eme feel soo important,fools that what's this site is all about for me to leave a complaint,i guess yall here for the wrong reasons.Keep it moving fools




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