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I have ordered two items from a major online seller which uses Fed Ex for delivery. The first delivery was lost in transit and the support staff were a joke. They never tracked down the package. I bet one of the drivers knows how crappy this company is and just took the package off the truck and took it home.

The second package was routed to Syracuse (where I live) and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then, to my horror, the same day it was routed to Rochester, NY - 200 miles away!!

When I submitted a query on this they just changed the delivery date and said it was the way it was. Bullpoopy! Syracuse aint big, but it *is* one of Fed Ex's hubs.

They cant even admit they made a mistake. So now my delivery is delayed (if it makes it at all - I have little faith in that!). I will refuse to shop online with retailers that use Fed Ex anymore.

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Sorry, 200 miles round trip. I eventually got package 2 but never package one.

Too honest here to scam anyone. You troll


since when is syracuse 200 miles away from rochester??you got your pkg and you are trying to scam..THIEF

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