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I was expecting a very important, but small package, I went to let the dog out to potty, and found the fedex truck sitting in my driveway, after taping a door tag to my door. when I tried to get the drivers attention, they just drove off.

what is worse is that when I went back in the house to call, I got nothing but false apologies, and all we can do is send a request for re delivery. after a couple hours of waiting, I called again, and still the same BS, I had to call 3 times, talk to 3 different people, and they still could not do anything for me.

the one time UPS made a mistake, I called, and they fixed it within 20 minutes. if you have the choice do NOT use fedex for any reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #864076

I received an email (I was at work) letting me know that my package had shipped that day. I came home to find a note saying that FedEx had tried to deliver that same day, but couldn't because our gate was closed.

So it shipped and showed up on the same day from Oregon to TN? I think not. Maybe if I'd known it was coming I would have left the gates open when I left for work. They said they would try the next day.

I locked the gates OPEN. I was home ALL day that next day ........... AND I left the signed note on my door saying to leave it (just in case they came when I was showering, etc). End of the day and nothing.

I went to the website and it said they couldn't deliver because the gates were closed again. LIARS !! Because of the Monday holiday they won't try again until Wednesday. Not sure what happened to Tuesday in the week.

SO annoyed !!! Others are right ........... I've never had these issues with UPS.

I can't seem to find a phone number to call anyone about it either. How convenient for them.

Piedmont, South Carolina, United States #855172

Ok so fedex stoped at my house didnt bother knocking or leaving a note they drove off within 40 seconds or a minute but I wasnt the person who saw the truck but thats a whole nother story all im saying is I hope he/she wasnt meaning to stop at my house because I did order a brand new iphone5s and I hope they didn't steal it or anything and usualy in my subdivision I see only the UPS trucks or the USPS trucks.

Waterloo, Wisconsin, United States #832471

This just happened to me today. I was sitting in my studio apartment waiting for a package.

On the first two attempts they left the door tag on the wrong door. I put a note directing the delivery person to the correct door. So I was sitting waiting for the package and checked around 3:20pm and found a door tag on my door that they attempted delivery at 3:04pm. I am really confused how I didn't hear any knocking whatsoever.

Called and complained and at first they said I needed to pick it up at their location and I needed ID.

Of course my wallet has just been stolen recently and I don't have any ID. Finally after putting me on hold for a long time they sent the package out the same day.


fedexx and ups are just dropping things on my driveway now,, and never go to the door at all to knock or deliver,, they just drop it near the garage door and run,, in the last year this is their new operating procedure.. and apparently they figure if they can get away with it,, they will!! screw customers!!


Think about it from the drivers point of view. You're saying the driver stops, writes up a doortag, but doesn't bother to knock when he's just going to have to come back tomorrow. Why would he do that?

Columbus, Ohio, United States #706010

It amazes me that people are trying to say these complaints are fake. I do love fed-ex for there great package handling.

Nothing ever seems to arrive messed up. BUT the drivers do do this and it is a real problem. I sat inside my house in the front waiting for a package that was signature required and checking out the window every few minutes. Nothing until I notice a tag on my door.

I immediately called fed-ex and told them the guy didn't even knock and they said there was nothing they could do except try again tomorrow. I accepted it and took partial blame I figured maybe I was just crazy. Then the next day I woke up early and sat with no tv on or anything in silence waiting on him. I waited for 2 hours when I heard a truck.

There was no knock, no doorbell ring, I had singed to last door tag and placed it on the door just in case. I jumped up and peeked out the window. I saw him driving away and ran outside and he left ANOTHER door tag so I tried to chase and wave him down with no success. he placed the new doortag on the door.

completely missing the doortag that was singed. No knock no nothing. Like a sneaky ninja delivery guy. I could not have possibly done anything else to catch him.

I did everything I could. he had to have mindlessly walked up to the door with the doortag in hand and just stuck in on and left. I receive packages daily from ups, fed-ex and usps. This is a problem fed-ex needs to look into because its obviously happening a lot.

Im not saying all drivers do this.

But certainly there are some.


Waited for my FedEx package, checked the tracking online and they said I was unavailable. I didn't hear a knock and they never rang my door bell, looked on my front door, they didn't even leave behind a slip to tell me where to pick up.

Now what? I don't even know where my package is going to be.

Thanks FedEx.

to Kay Piedmont, South Carolina, United States #855177

Did you ever get it


What I do if I need a package is leave a note at the door saying that I am home, please knock loudly, as I have trouble hearing. I also make sure to mention that I'm disabled and have a harder time moving quickly, but I am home and will be coming to get my package.

I try to do all I can to communicate and make it better for the driver as well as for myself. If you're kind and polite, most always they accomodate you. I had one driver leave a note, and circled where I could sign my signature to get my package.

I attached it to my door and that driver came back later in the day, gave me my package with no hassle. I did apologize for keeping them waiting, and I thanked my driver for the service.


Do you have any idea how many say that? B.S.

multiple times ive had customers claim i didnt even stop. Fedex calls me, i describe the house, the cars in the driveway. Oops, caught in a lie. You not hearing them doesnt mean they didnt knock.

Thats absurd. Its means you cant hear or were sleeping and try to blame us for it


I was waiting on an important package this morning, even took off from work to wait on it. FedEx driver didn't even ring the bell. I went to the door to look out and found a note taped to the door saying to pick my package up at the airport after 7.

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