It amazes me that people are trying to say these complaints are fake. I do love fed-ex for there great package handling.

Nothing ever seems to arrive messed up. BUT the drivers do do this and it is a real problem. I sat inside my house in the front waiting for a package that was signature required and checking out the window every few minutes. Nothing until I notice a tag on my door.

I immediately called fed-ex and told them the guy didn't even knock and they said there was nothing they could do except try again tomorrow. I accepted it and took partial blame I figured maybe I was just crazy. Then the next day I woke up early and sat with no tv on or anything in silence waiting on him. I waited for 2 hours when I heard a truck.

There was no knock, no doorbell ring, I had singed the last door tag and placed it on the door just in case. I jumped up and peeked out the window. I saw him driving away and ran outside and he left ANOTHER door tag so I tried to chase and wave him down with no success. he placed the new doortag on the door.

completely missing the doortag that was singed. No knock no nothing. Like a sneaky ninja delivery guy. I could not have possibly done anything else to catch him.

I did everything I could. he had to have mindlessly walked up to the door with the doortag in hand and just stuck in on and left. I receive packages daily from ups, fed-ex and usps. This is a problem fed-ex needs to look into because its obviously happening a lot.

Im not saying all drivers do this. But certainly there are some.

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #1191273

I have the same problem. I sit in the apartment not ten (10) feet from the door.

Ever package they delivered was delivered with NO KNOCK. I called FedEx a number of times, didn't make a difference !!!!


No wonder I didn't get my package.


As an express driver I don't really believe a driver would not knock if a signature is required because that means we will just have to reattempt the packages the next and a lot more work is required for a package that is not delivered than there is delivering it. If the package was a direct signature required (DSR) or adult signature required (ASR) that would explain why signing the door tag did not work DSR means it must be physically signed for from a person at that address.

ASR means someone over 21 at the address must sign in person.

Door tags and notes only work if it is indirect signature (ISR) and we can get to and take the note or door tag (some people put the note door tag inside a locked screen door). We have to keep the note and signature from the door tag and it goes in a file for that route that day.

to Expresscourior1 #991269

I just had this 'almost' happen though so it does. I was in my back yard waiting all morning for replacement bank card.

My dogs are in a double fenced yard with me. they started barking and I went up to gate in back yard. A fedex driver came in the gate and I said 'hi, I'll be right up'. He didn't hear me and walked right up to the door as I WATCHED stuck the tag on the door and turned and walked away.

I opened the back gate and yelled at him as he walked away from my house and probably the only reason he even turned was because my dogs had run up out onto the sidewalk past him. He came back and said, 'oh, I knocked but nobody answered'...he DID NOT I was right there. I told the story 3 times at work and all 3 times the person told me how they completely missed the FedEx guy when they were at home.

One video'd them after 2nd time; all said when they have a delivery from anybody now they sit outside the door and wait for them. Oh, well, at least I got my package.

Roswell, Georgia, United States #914990

This happened to me today. Exact same scenario.

They must do it when they are behind schedule.

A delivery company that doesn't deliver. Great.


This happened to me today

Orlando, Florida, United States #713731

turn up your hearing aids, get out of the bathroom pinching a loaf, stop getting the nooner...answer your doors!!!!!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #713223

I reside in Texas,I order online a lot.I have never had a problem with fedex period.As a matter of fact,My fedex delivery person is so good that he even make's an second attempt to deliver if i am away from home when he arrive's to deliver my packages.I do not understand what your problem is with fedex,But in Texas our Fedex delivery person is on time everytime.He ring's the door bell and He also knock's at the door.Keep up the good work Fedex.Dallas,Texas

Reno, Nevada, United States #713220

Ha, same same, waited 5 hrs for the guy to come. Heard a truck outside went see the guy driving away.


Similar experience today. Luckily, my two packages did not require a signature.

The fed ex delivery driver however did not knock; just left a 30 lb toddler bed and mattress at my door ( I live in an apartment ) and I'm not too happy with just leaving it at my door, because someone else in my building could just come grab it and I would never know.

I don't understand walking up the stairs in my building just to not knock, seems senseless, beyond lazy. They do need to address this

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia #708350

I agree, sat at home the WHOLE DAY waiting for my package only to finally see the tag left in my mailbox T_T


exactly same thing just happened to me! it was my first time to trying FedEx.

I'm extremely disappointed. Two day waiting my package was waste of time. Second day just received door tag!!!

Never try it again.

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