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I order from Walmart,every Friday,a big order,,basically my dry/pets etc for 1 week on,,For 6 month everything was fine,,ie fedex ground service out of Madison Wisconsin, I pay for my shipping everytime at walmart even though my order is way over 50 bucks because I learned if u accept free shipping,,,fed-ex will use ,''smart post,'' who will literally ship it all over the country 2ce,,10-15 days,,Well,,i am checking my tracking #'s and my packages have arrived in Madison,,,all 3 of them,,,I am thinken great I will have my stuff on Monday,,,Well,,,I check Monday morning and it states only 1 package was ,''put on the truck for delivary,''huh????Why didn't he load all 3?????So I call Walmart and ask them y didn't he load all 3,,, they don't know why,,but ask the driver,,,Sooo I was going to ask the driver anyways,,,,soo I did,,at 3;30 pm ish the driver pulls in w/the 1 of 3 packages,,,i asked him,,where are the other 2????He replies,,your lucky I gave you 1!!!huh,,,then I asked again,,,why didn't you grap all 3 of my packages,,there just sitting on your loading dock to be delivered,,,he replies,,''I didn't feel like it,'' un quote,,,,u didn't feel like it,,I repeat,,,,,then he saids,,''look I will take this 1 back and hold all 3 till wendsay if u don't like it,'''un quote,,,So I guess it is acceptaple to the C.E.O's of Fed-ex,,,to allow there drivers to threaten their paying customers now a days and if their employees don't ,''feel,'' like deliverying packages or loading package,,which is the job they are hired to do,,It appears C.E.O's of fedex ''express'', ''feels'' it is acceptable for their employees to threaten customers,if their employee doesn't ,''feel'' like doing there job,,thats ok too,,,oh,,and when I spoke w/the supervisor of this employee,,,he also said,,,,he does not get paid enough to delivery packages when they arrive at Fed-ex,,to the customers paying for those delivery's,,,,,,great job fedex C.E.O's,,,way to run a cost efficient company,,customer service is none existing at fed-ex,,,,

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of very poor customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of package and associated monetary loss in the amount of $400. FedEx needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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