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FedEx does not give me time to get to the door; this has happened more than once.They take my package that I'm supposed to sign for and they run leaving me with a useless tag!

And he saw me waving at him! And then I call to complain and the person can't even speak ENGLISH! I HATE THIS COMPANY AND I PLAN TO COMPLAIN ON EVERY SITE I CAN FIND! Also, it's not just the pressured hurried drivers or phone people in Timbuktu!

It's the poor management! I mean, this company sucks!

And, I still don't have my package, and driver just drove away from me!JERKS!

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The same thing happened to me! Then when I requested several times that the package be delivered after 4 pm during the work week, they delivered one day at 1 and the very next at 2!

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