Fed Ex must condone delivery drivers to park in handi capped spots for pick ups, I am slightly disabled with a bad back and it is hard for me walk far without numbness in my legs. I try to maintain a full time job, and when I arrive for work, guess who is sitting in the handi cap spot, but a fed ex truck .

I have said something to the driver. it works for a few days, but what do I find in the spot again after a few days? A fed Ex truck . this happens in St Louis.

I have pics, but have no way of contacting fed Ex.they have no on line complaint Dept. this angers me even more. Must i call police and have them take time to write a ticket?.maybe post the pics and film on You Tube to get this resolved? Maybe call the ACLU and maybe even sue them.

That seems to get their attention. If this doesn't work I will contact a lawyer, and the ACLU.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1286021

Shame them with a photo on twitter, that will get the ball rolling.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #688295

They are just trying to do there job as fast as possible sometime there is no were else to park,they don't want to block someone in, or they are running in and back out. most people today can not wait one minute for a delivery guy to run in, with his hands full (up to 150 pound boxes).

all they are concerned with is they want, that spot and have to have it now...

have a little patience people they are just trying to do a job.

to Slick #1032890

Okay.... I'm a FedEx driver.

I guess I must say I'm sorry for taking up so much of your personal time by blocking you in a parked spot or blocking a handicapped spot for under 3 minutes. For now on I'd 3 to 5 rolls in a empty spot. Will that make you all happy. No!

You will just find something else to to complain about. GFYS!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #192566

why not call a cop?

Winterset, Iowa, United States #93372

jjolar.......I am one of those guys that works in the delivery service industry. However, I wear Brown.

You will never find my package car park in a handicap parking spot. I might double park and block you in for a couple of minutes, but taking up a handicap parking place for any amount of time is just plain wrong.

You, Sir, are out of line with your comments.


You have a valid complaint. Non-disabled persons bully their entitlement to park in a parking space designated for disabled/elderly citizens in violation of Federal Law - Americans with Disabilities Act simply because they believe that their time and purpose is more important than a frail person's time and purpose.

jjolar states, the driver "is working".

Oh puleeez, cry me a river!!! It is never okay to mistreat a disabled/elder citizen.


How long do you think that driver was going to be there? Two minutes?

maybe! You can't wait two minutes to get a premium parking spot? What a shame. These guys work as fast as possible, and they can't just park out in the middle of the parking lot.

Two minutes! These guys are working dammit...who do you think pays the tax money for others to receive benefits?


fedex does have a complaint dept just call 800 go fedex and tell them the problem they will forward the info to the manager of the terminal that driver is out of

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