A Fed Ex driver was following about two car lengths behind me at 55mph until I flashed my emergency light. The driver through his hands in the air.

I motioned with my thumb to back off. He then flipped me off. I slowed cautiously as instucted by any driver instuction to allow him to pass. He pulled his truck as close as possible before passing and then sped off to tailgait the next vehicle for a couple of miles be fore he could pass them.

This happened on Indiana 26 just east of Indiana 29 about 4:50pm est. 02/08/12.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Vehicle Driver.

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I saw all of this .You were going only 35 in a 65 zone pls. tell the facts ,not your LIES.If you can't drive at the speed limit,use the side streets!!!!!you are the type of driver who causes other drivers to get as far away from you so they won't get killed by your lack of skill to maintain the correct speed.. GET OFF THE ROAD IF YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE HIGH SPEED DRIVING ANYMORE!!!!PLEASE


Should have gotten his plate number and reported to FedEx. He would have been fired!

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