I have been sitting at my house all day waiting for a package, even sitting on my front porch for two hours, checking every van that goes by. I finally head inside to track my package, and apparently a Fed Ex delivery guy tried my house at 3:52!

He must have been a ghost, driving an invisible van! What ***. This is a wedding gift for a wedding I'm attending tomorrow, and the pick-up terminal is in a different city. I was informed by the customer service agent that I could pick up my package there, but guess what?

I don't have a car! I can't drive to another place to pick something up, which is why I ordered something to be delivered to my house. What kind of service is this? Coincidence that it's Friday afternoon?

I don't think so. And apparently drivers don't have cellphones, and there's no way for them to be contacted en route.

Please. Worst customer service I've ever encountered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

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FedEx domestic delivery is outsourced. They aren't FedEx drivers.

They drive trucks that are branded FedEx.

That is why their communication network is positively dismal compared with UPS. FedEx is better for international, but UPS blows them AWAY for domestic delivery and customer support and being able to communicate with their divers.


Why would a driver carry a cell phone for you to harass them? Get real!

Do you carry your cell phone so all the customers your company deals with can call you?

HINT- if this wedding and friend were so important...why did you wait til the last minute to get a gift? CLUE- Couriers do not pretend to attempt packages.


I waited all day for my package to be delivered which is a power tower chin up/dip station weighing 60lbs. No knock, no doorbell ringing, finally I go online to see the status of my order and it states it has been delivered and left at the front door.

What the F$%#! They never came anywhere near my home unless they are delivering on invisible flying magic carpets! I called customer service and oh dear to my surprise the delivery driver is stuck in the 1970's and has never heard of a bloody cell phone!

Honestly, how hard is it to read some numbers on the side of a house and knock on someones door. What morons are working for this company, the world on time my ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Same thing happened to me today! I swear they are invisible!!!!

I spent ALL day waiting..apparently they even said they put a little post it on my door! Which of course I cannot find. There was a car in my driveway and a car outside my house AND my neighbor was outside. So I called everyone possible and one customer service rep said that they can't contact the delivery person.

Really it's 2011, he doesn't have a cell phone. The service rep said that maybe he's in a place where there is no reception.

Guy - you're in NJ there's nowhere where there is no reception. Very pissed off and will not use them again.

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