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Fed Ex labeled boxes saying "Leave at apt door Not at Office" and then failed to do so, saying on the phone later that they do not leave boxes at apt doors.

Have spoken with 5 Fed Ex functionaries there this afternoon, all giving excuses and an occasional apology.

There is no excuse. Perishable food items are sitting in 87 degree weather because they do not honor the labels THAT THEIR OWN ORGANIZATION TYPED UP.

This organization apparently is unable to convey the simplist policy to their shippers and/or their delivery people cannot read and follow 7-word directions.

I am disgusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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It depends on the location...I've lived in apartment buildings that wouldn't let the driver go past the main office...also having a driver look around an apartment building trying to find the one door to leave it in front of isn't efficient + could cause potential safety issues for other tenants.

Also what kind of label was it...if it was just typed on the shipping label they don't read that and I've never seen a label like the "Fragile" ones for leave at apt.

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