I had a package that was due to arrive while I was out of town. I had it shipped to my PO Box so that it would be safe and secure until I returned.

When I got home I checked with the Post Office and they did not have the package. According to FedEx the package was delivered on Friday 2/13 and left at the back door.(where?) I contacted the vendor and they requested FedEx have the driver contact me to tell me exactly where the package was left. I was not contacted. I began to investigate on my own.I again contacted the vendor and they told me exactly what was printed on the shipping label.

Based on the information, I went to check the back door of our other place of business and found that the package had been left there instead of being delivered to the Post Office as it should have.(The company's initials were on the label) The FedEx driver apparently took it upon himself to determine that since I work at this place which is only open during very limited times to leave the package there. The package was labeled to go to me personally at my PO box and not to the company. Despite what was printed it was left at the company.

I have attempted to complain to FedEx about this since it is not the first time they have shipped items to different address's and left them despite the info on the label. No sucess so far with FedEx and I'm FED UP!

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as usual they dropped the ball again,This time again undeliverable person not home,at location at 620pm . home all day waiting truck no famous line call 800 no.asked about door tag told her no truck so how would i have a door tag I ve been thru this with fed ex 5x already Im going to start not buying products from companies who are using fed ex as their delivery service


Again Fedex lies saying i am not home when i am home. Not only that they are going to delay delivery 3 days.

How can anybody do business with Fedex when usps and ups are so much better.


I have been waiting for an order I placed at Costco.com. I looked online to find out the tracking status and saw that they were to deliver that day, and that they needed a signature, so I thought, ok, I'll have to sign the door tag and I'll get it tomorrow.

When I checked the status again later that day, I saw that there was a "delivery exception" due to weather. Well, all the roads between my house and the FedEx facility were clear all day. There was no reason the delivery couldn't have been made. Thinking to save them an extra trip, I placed a large bright orange note on my garage stating they could leave the package with my signature.

Checking the status later the next day, I see another "delivery exception" - "customer not available". I called the customer service number, spoke to a foreign sounding gentleman, who told me they would need the hangtag signed. So I went home that evening only to find that the "door tag" was taped to my mailbox, and an attempt to deliver it to the door was never made. My driveway is a few hundred yards long, and I could see the turn around tracks at the mailbox in the snow.

No footprints went up the driveway, so I know they didn't make it past the mailbox. Again I called customer service explaining what had happened and was told to sign the door tag and replace it on the mailbox with a note to deliver the package to my porch. I should interject here that it is illegal to hang things on the mailbox unless they are for the mailman. I'm not sure where Conklin hires their drivers, but I think they might need some remedial training.

If they don't deliver my package tonight, I am going to be irate! :(


Ordered a phone a while back and it shipped Fedex, through Conklin, and needed a signature. My wife was home all day waiting.

When I left for work in the morning, there was a thin dusting of snow on the ground. It didn't get delivered. Fedex said no one was home to sign so I had to go pick it up. When I got home, the only tracks in the snow were from my tires.

There were no other tire or any footprints to be found. Getting the phone a day late cost me 100 free minutes because the offer just expired.


Not sure about FEDEX but UPS can deliver to a P.O. box, it costs a little different and it is called UPS basic. It is mainly done in very rural areas

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #190376

this is a dumb complaint, shipper error rather than delivery problem


fedex is a joke


That seems really strange that they would tell you that's something they could do. For as long as I can remember, the Post Office is the only one who can deliver to PO Boxes - FedEx and UPSW don't have access to the boxes so they can't deliver there. I think it even says on all FedEx paperwork that they cannot send to PO Boxes

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