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I am an Ebay seller and frequently use FedEx Ground to ship heavy, fragile items because the rates are good, service is reliable, and they are easy to deal with if there is a claim. However, when I dropped off another heavy, fragile box for delivery just last week, with large red FRAGILE GLASS labels all over it, the Fed Ex employee told me that fragile items are no longer being insured via Ground service delivery.

EXCUSE ME? DID I HEAR THAT CORRECTLY?? I couldn't believe my ears. How in the world could Fed Ex NOT insure something?

I thought, oh, they MUST be mistaken. So I came home and called Fed Ex customer service, and I was told that, yes indeed, there will be no more insurance on fragile items via Ground delivery due to so many shippers packing their items so poorly that they break which has made Fed Ex's liability go way up. I'm still in shock. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???

I get it--they just DON'T WANT THE BUSINESS. I don't know how well known this little tidbit is, but it has totally soured me on Fed Ex, and driven me even further into the arms of USPS and UPS, as well as to seek even more options, because I'm sure not going to use Fed Ex anymore! Which is a darm shame, and now my buyers will have the pay the price, literally, of higher shipping costs, because I'm not about to ship fragile items without insurance!

I'd even be willing to pay extra for insurance, like you do with the Post Office, because it still would be cost effective. Fed Ex, you really did it this time!!

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I have to side with Fedex alittle. I work there and too many times see shippers ship wine bottles in their origional boxes and (paper thin box and no packing materials) and they wonder why it doesnt arrive in one piece.

others ship with boxes that have been reused so many times that the cardboard itself just comes apart. or ship items way too heavy for the box they are in to hold them. seen shippers many times use magic tape to seal boxes or not enough tape to seal the boxes. everyday i see shippers use no common sense in preperation of their packages and wonder why it doesn't make it to the end in the same way it was shipped.

WHen using Fedex UPS or USPS it's always good to over do it so u know it will make it to the destination in one piece. Its not the carriers responsability to makes sure it's packed good it's yours. I'm not saying the carriers are perfect but the largest factor of damage is caused by shippers. I always pack my stuff i'm shipping like its ready to be put through ***.

never disappointed when it gets where it's going. Never had damage never had a problem.

Pack for the worst conditions. thats what i do.


If you are unhappy with FedEx feel free to Contact Unishippers at 1-800-773-8545. Thanks to the recession, there's a big rate war going on in shipping.

We've got some excellent new incentive programs with UPS which usually beat the pricing your getting from FedEx. Would it really hurt to do a little window shopping to make sure you're getting the best deal?


I totally agree - first they require 14 days customers haven't even hooked up the product yet. So..I did not pay their bill since they owed me $600 clams. They sent it to their collections agency - I simply said, sure when they pay me, I'll pay them. "thats a different dept. - yeah but it's the same company, stock and bank. So I have not paid them and returned to using UPS (which also can not handle Fragile stuff) and USPS. My product has broken with all services. Fedex paid me once when I called on time. UPS paid me twice out of two although blogs claim that they don't pay. USPS allows 6 months but a HUGE effort by my customer(!) so that is not going to happen (they have to take it to the post office, stand in line, fill out a bunch of forms, and provide the product demonstrating where it was damaged. YEAH good job USPS - very business-like...why I oughtta.

So, there is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start selling insured Fragile product delivery using an entirely new technology for transport and delivery.

I would pay 30% more!


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