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Everytime I order a product and it gets shipped through Fed Ex. They hold the package until the last day to ensure it doesn't get delivered before the promised date.

I have had packages held for 7 days at local office before delivery. This time 3 days so far will be 4 most likely. Package is sitting in local office again, has been there since wed., 21st. I have called about the intentional delay and only get lame excuses.

When I call their local offices they lie about the package until I share THEIR tracking info with them. Total lack of service and proud of it!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I paid for 3 day delivery from CA to Washington. It has been 3 and it has sat for the last 2 days in troutdale oregon to be delivered today.

I just left the facility at 11:30am and now they updated the ship for tomorrow. What the *** am I paying for 3 days for when they will not deliver in that time?


Exactly. I am charging back this order.

It is 16 miles away, in a container scheduled to be opened seven days after arriving at the local center.

This is extortion. I own it, its there, since I can't have it...


My son lawyer kept my car keys,phone and my son jewelry and license. He send the package via FedEx the same day overnight.

The package never arrived overnight. When I called them FE said that the package was overnight to be delivered Monday not the next day. I told them the emergency of my situation my son in jail,stranded w/o keys and paperwork inside. They calmly said your package will be delivered by 8PM Monday after been in their office for freaking five days.

Oh yeah very unreliable idiots w/o .

compassion! Your company sucks!!!


Yep. Two packages supported to me one day apart.

I paid for 2-3 day delivery. They arrived at the destination FedEx center about 10-15 minutes away 1 day after delivery.

FedEx intentionally held the packages until the 3 day mark. They could have at least delivered within the two days.

to Misha #1377988


Supported = shipped.

1 day after SHIPPING.

I will hang my head in shame.

Hopewell, New Jersey, United States #1220166

me, too. I shipped something via 2-day express, to a destination 15 miles away.

FedEx has the shipment in its facility maybe half a mile from the destination but they are intentionally delaying delivery by a day. Customer service "apologizes" but is totally non-responsive.

I could have walked the shipment over in less time. Makes the postal service look good!

Manhattan Beach, California, United States #1202660

Yes, Fedex does this all the time. It would hold my packages in a city 25 miles away from my home for 2-4 days, until the scheduled delivery day.

UPS and USPS wouldn't do this. They will deliver my package as soon as possible.

Portland, Oregon, United States #994077

I live in Portland, OR.

at 2:36am according to tracking, my package departed Troutdale OR. Troutdale OR is 11.6 miles from my front door. So, I sat around all day waiting for the package.

At 3:13pm the package arrived in Kent, Washington sort facility.

Kent, WA is 160 miles from my home.

The arrival date for my package is next Tuesday.

They absolutely do this to extort customers to pay premium prices to actually get their packages.

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #994403


After arriving in Kent, WA at 3:13pm my package was transfered to the US Postal System at 11:30pm.

So, to reiterate, at 2:36am the package Left the facility 11.6 miles and 40 minutes bike ride away. Took the 3 hour trip to Kent WA that somehow took almost 13 hours, sat 8 hours in a warehouse, and then got transferred to the US Post Office to return it the 160 miles.... hopefully.

I wonder if I could file charges for theft of my package since it got so close then all the sudden went on a road trip?

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #994860

Final Update:

---- 6/11/2015 - Thursday

8:00 pm Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST KENT, WA

11:30 pm Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service

----6/12/2015 - Friday

3:50 pm In transit PORTLAND, OR In transit to U.S.

Postal Service ---6/13/2015 - Saturday 2:44 pm At U.S. Postal Service facility PORTLAND, OR Arrived at local Post Office - Allow one to two additional days for delivery That is right... it takes less than 3 hours to drive from Kent WA to Portland OR for any normal driver. Apparently it takes FedEx 2 days to make the trip.

So, FedEx was willing to spend the money, manpower, and natural resources to slow a package down to make sure it did not get here fast, but on the projected delivery day. It was within 11.6 miles between 4:10pm 6/10 and 2:36am 6/11...

but took a 230 mile/7 day detour just to make sure people paying for next day shipping didn't feel cheated. If you are a business, you will ruin yourselves by using FedEx.

Austin, Texas, United States #959185

Same *** has happened to me. My package is stuck in a city 2 hours away from mine, and there has still been no change in location since Saturday. FexEx has to be the worst post service I have ever seen in my life.

Boise, Idaho, United States #855421

USPS and UPS don't make a habit of delaying delivery like FedEx does. FedEx will intentionally sit on a package for days if it's not "due for delivery."

I've been ordering a lot of products recently.

UPS almost always delivers on-time or early. USPS is surprisingly one of the faster shippers and for a decent amount less. If UPS or USPS gets a product to their local facility early enough in the morning you can usually expect that your package will be delivered that day. However, that's not the case with FedEx.

I had a package shipped from California to Idaho. Left California on a Saturday, arrived in Boise, Idaho on Sunday (20 miles from my house) and isn't slated for delivery until Wed. So, they'd rather sit on a package for nearly 72 hours at their sorting facility instead of putting it on a FedEx truck (which drives by here daily) and deliver it early.

In comparison, I had a UPS package shipped from Las Vegas with similar delivery guarantee (5-7 business days) and a USPS First Class package from NY and I had both within 2 business days.

Who do you think I'm going to choose to ship with if I have the option? UPS, USPS and even DHL are better than FedEx.

to PWPFilms Portland, Oregon, United States #994407

I agree.

I shop online all the time, and UPS has never taken my package to some far away land for vacation.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #822410

First and foremost, you pay a shipping fee for a product you order online to a company. Secondly, that company then pays Fedex on an account they have linked to their credit card and are charged for the actual shipment of a package.

You DO NOT pay Fedex directly for a shipment. That being said, if a shipper is paying for the shipment of a package, tey are also choosing the type of service they want to use.

If your package arrives at a location a few days in advance, and it's not delivered on that day, Fedex is honoring the request of the SHIPPER (also known as the company/person you bought your item from). To receive this package before the commitment date would cause the shipper to be charged more.


You think you're so special that a courier, who has 200+ stops to make per day, is going to take your package out early?! Who died and made you god?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #819620

FedEx is a business. If people know they can get their package earlier than the delivery date, why would they ever pay for a more expensive service unless the package is urgent.

If you pay for coach, don't expect first class. The drinks really aren't free.

Orlando, Florida, United States #819557

Also logistics is not a lame excuse. If you live a certain distance from the local distribution office and they only have 2 or 3 packages in your area including yours, it would be a waste to make the trip.

Fedex will wait until they are either at the deadline to deliver (meeting their obligation which you stated they did) or wait until they have enough deliveries to make the trip worthwhile. You may think it shouldn't matter, that if they have your package in hand they should just come out to you even if you are the only delivery that day, and that right there would be the problem.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #819455

So you paid for it to be delivered on a certain date and then complain that it wasn't delivered early? Cry me a river.

You got exactly what you paid for. You want it sooner, then pay for expedited shipping.

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