I purchased TV online, Fed Ex was the carrier for the company. I was told it would be delivered on Tuesday. It was a gift for my daughter, I knew she would be out of town until Monday, great timing.

I get an email notification Friday, saying it will be delivered Saturday. I call Fed Ex, explain that nobody will be home to receive it, they say no problem, it will be delivered Tuesday. Perfect, right? Not so fast, I get notification on Saturday that it was delivered and left at the front door! A $1200 TV sitting in the hallway at my daughters apartment complex, she is out of town for 2 more days, and I'm 1400 miles away.

I had two days of worrying, when my daughter came home, no TV. Luckily, a neighbor brought it in to their place.

On the same day, I ordered an ipod, it flew half way around the world from China, I was told it would be delivered Tuesday and needed a signature. OK, I'll arrange for someone to be here, which I did. But, Monday I get a text, it says it is on the truck, out for delivery. I had nobody home for it, so I took a half day off from work and sat home waiting. I waited in my living room, right next to the front door, nobody showed all day, I figure I'll check the tracking once again. To my surprise, it says there was an attempt to deliver, nobody there or business closed, some kind of lie, and no note on the door either!

So I call, it's about 3:30 in the afternoon, I'm told there was an attempt at 2:15, bullsh!t, I was here. Then I'm tol the truck is on it's way back, (about 4 miles from my house), so I say fine, I'll come pick it up.

I wait on hold, then am told the office closes at 7, and the package will be ready to pick up at 7:15. My jaw kinda drops, and I ask, how's that gonna work? She said I have to get there before 7;00, and wait for the package, but once I'm in the door, I will not be locked out, and whatever....

At that point, I told her to kiss my *** (politely) and I'll pick it up tomorrow. A half day wasted waiting, and they wanted me to change my dinner plans too?

In the future, if given a choice, (and I will ask), I will choose any carrier except for Fed Ex, plain and simple.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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