Basically Fed Ex has a vast network of independent contractor's that have but one thing in mind! Do whatever gets them the most money.

They are NOT direct employees of Fed Ex and therefore do not have to put the customer's needs first. If you try Fed Ex's customer care center you get lied to and are only given the standard responses to try and convince you they do care. Trust me again, they DO NOT! I have confirmed my suspicions with two existing middle managers at Fed Ex..

Best thing is to stay away from using their service. If you shop online and the retailer uses them, then simply ask for another carrier or cancel the order.

Eventually their corporate offices may get the message!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Hoddesdon, England, United Kingdom #13160

I called to report that a set of keys that were important for a client of my company were lost, they proceded to tell me that I was at fault and that they have no record of them being picked up. I was not the one to drop them off but the person who did has no benefit to keeping the keys and assured me that he dropped them off in a drop box.

When I tried to recover them they asked me what they looked like and when I told them, I was responded with "that's what all the keys here look like." I was asked again if there were any key rings, chains or anything to go with it. I replied that they were just a set of keys (like there's going to be and flare on a set of keys that are business related).

They said that there was nothing they could do about it and made me feel like they had nothing to do with it and that it was my fault. What ever happened to the days when the consumer came first?

Rockford, Alabama, United States #1790

I paid extra for second day air shipping the Monday before Xmas. My tracking showed dleivery for Thursday..

came and went. Friday.. came and went... Monday (Xmas Eve I called Fed Ex and was promised that drivers would be out until 8 pm.

I was late for a party becuase I waited. The package was delievered December 26 th and Fed Ex made me look like an ***. I also own an e-comerce store. Fed Ex breaks more packages and loses more boxes than is humanly imaginable.

I don't know how they stay the giant that they are.. perhaps because UPS is not much better?

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