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I recieved a Fed Ex delivery this morning. Wasn't expecting a delivery so imagine my suprise when I see it's the package I had mailed off earlier in the week to be delievered to Direct TV.

I called customer service and explained to them they had returned the package, appreantly ignoring the black "X" over the original label and instead placing a white sticker over the new label. The first rep said I had to talk to their tech support since I made an error in printing the label..I told her there was no error in the label but rather they ignored it by placing a white sticker over it and went with the marked out original lable. after five minutes of her insisting it was my error I asked to be connected to a supervisor. It was worse talking to her than it was with the rep.

She said it was my mistake for not removing the original label and that the best she could do was have it picked up on Monday and the package would be delivered on Thursday 6/30, two days after it was suppose to be delivered. I told her it needed to be delivered by 6/28 or else I would be charged $300 from Direct TV for not returning the equipment in time but all she could say was "I'm sorry you didn't remove the orginal label". Fustrated and wits end, I finally snapped when she kept asking me for the numbers before the tracking number which were covered by the white sticker they had placed on the label. I told her I couldn't make out the information and she said she couldn't schedule a pick up with that information.

Finally I snapped and said how can I give her information they blocked, but all she did was stress how it was my fault for not removing the original label instead of making it with an X in marker.

I hung up and called back to schedule a pick up and voice my complaint. Never have I been treated like with such rudeness and never once did either rep ever apologize or say it was Fed Ex's mistake. I used marker to cross off the original label since I couldn't peel it off, and they took it as this is the address to ship it to and placed a sticker on the new label.

Needless to say I'm pissed and will never, ever again use Fed EX.

Even in their system it shows as though this package is on route to being delivered...yet here it is sitting on my living room floor. Now I have to call Direct TV and try to explain Fed Ex's mistake and praying it doesn't cost me $300.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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That really isn't FedEx's fault most of the system is automated so if you did black out the entire barcode then to will sometimes come back.

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