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It is amazing of how the lack of customer service in this world has dwindled down to the minimum. All over you see companies pride them selves on customer service. And then there are places that are just taking the deep dive on support and care. It is as if they think they are invincible. I find it mind-boggling, especially as I have worked for amazing companies in the past, of which core values, vision, and integrity rely on customer service itself.

I recently had an issue with FedEx. My husband and I purchased concert tickets to a favorite band of ours last March. Unfortunately this company doesn't mail out their tickets right away, or allow for the email/print option. However, they are extremely diligent in using an expensive, signature receive system from Fed Ex.

Finally getting my email on August 8th stating that I should be receiving our tickets soon via Fed Ex, along with the tracking #, I patiently waited checking only every day on it’s progress. On the morning of August 13th, I checked the package details and noticed it was supposed to be delivered that day. My husband had the day off so this was perfect. Package never came. We checked with the office, no package delivered there. On the tracking info it specifically states that the package was "left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address – release authorized" @1:03pm. My husband was in fact home.

On Thursday, I called and spoke with a Melinda (I believe) and she was very nice. I appreciate her knowledge and directness with a huge sense of sincerity and care. She let me know that she contacted the branch in Denver and the driver was going to retrace his steps and someone from that branch would call me back. I never received a call back. On Friday, you ask, why didn’t I call them? I had faith in their system that they would in fact retrace their steps and complete their due diligence in returning a customer’s issue. They did not.

Monday, August 18, 2014 I called again and spoke with Dennis. He constantly questioned my issue stating that there was no ticket in the system and that he could not help me until there was something entered. After repeating himself, and laughing – mind you, I asked to speak with his manager as I needed someone to help me and he obviously was not able to. Dennis transferred me to an advocacy center of whom stated that they DID in fact see that I called on that Thursday, no ticket was processed, and that it should have been. She said she would get the ticket processed and someone would contact me, immediately.

Then, I received a call from Delores. Delores confirmed a ticket was processed, and that the driver was going to look into it, again- retrace his steps and call me back. Fine enough – I was at work, and still – rest assured they would find these tickets. WRONG. I came out of a meeting and received a message from Delores stating that the driver "The driver did retrace his steps and left the tickets at my door step and if I needed any further assistance to contact #800-463-3339 with the claim # 0818913965." Ok, Delores…

I called as soon as I got home and got Martha – gave her the Claim number and she transferred me to Guillermo in the advocacy department. I explained the issue to Guillermo and he assured me that option that was authorized which allows the driver to leave the package at my doorstep at his discretion. Really, Guillermo, because the I’ve talked to a couple people who actually confirmed that this was not even an option (including the sender, the DMB Warehouse) for this as the SENDER does not allow it. "It’s right online mam, you can see it for yourself," he says. I’m curious, "Why didn’t anyone else state this when I’ve called and talked to 4 different people?" (Melinda, Laughing Dennis, Delores, and the young nice lady in the advocacy department) "I’m not sure mam, but this is the case." "OK, can you send me a copy of that? I’d love to have it to show to the ticket counter as they said it was not possible." He replies, "No mam, I have no way of sending that to you, it’s all online." I was just about to hang up and decided, "You know what, how about you walk me through that online so I know where it is." He was great to sit and wait as I power on my computer, and log in. As I was pulling it up – he said that he may have made a mistake and needed to put me on hold. After 2 minutes he came back and did apologize that he made a mistake and the driver was not authorized to leave the tickets on my doorstep.

And now, I am writing to you – I’ve been on hold with Guillermo for 35 minutes. He is having a conversation with the branch in Denver about my situation. He has come back repeatedly to check on me and ensure that I am ok holding. Of course, this is a major event for me, and I will wait. And while I wait – I will write a letter to the company. "Mam, I’m sorry – I just want to reiterate that you did NOT leave a note on your door, correct?" "Yes, Guillermo, that is correct. No I did not leave a note."

"And you said your husband was home?" "Yes, he was."

Finally, he came back to let me know that Martha (a different Martha) was going to have the driver "Re Trace his steps" and made sure I was going to be home. He himself, Guillermo, would call me back personally within the hour once the driver has done so. Agreed, and if I heard differently I would call him back to cut him loose from the case.

So here I am. Waiting at home for a man who, I honestly don’t know is going to show up. And you may ask "why am I making such a big deal out of concert tickets?" So since I’m here waiting, I’ll let you know.

These concert tickets my husband and I are waiting for are for Dave Matthews Band. They are playing in Bend, Oregon on the 26th of August. We recently moved to Denver, Colorado from Portland and these were purchased before we knew we were moving. Besides paying for flights to Redmond from Denver that were $300/each, reserving rooms at a hotel that are now non refundable as the cut off period is closed since we’re so close to the concert, and me maneuvering and conniving my way out of work for a few days at my new job – this concert was sold out within MINUTES of going on sale to the public. The only reason I had the 2 that were allotted to me was because I put my name in the DMB Ticket Lottery. I was picked to see Dave Matthews perform. And again, it may seem silly to you, but the band has not been to Oregon in 11 years, and there are thousands of people in the state and all over, who are still to this day pissed they do not get to go to the show. No, this concert isn’t the end of the world. It’s just a vacation for my husband and me. A vacation that we have worked hard for, saved for, and anticipated after a very long stint of my husband not having a job. Rather than being excited that we are about to leave work/town to go see our favorite band, that by the way sings our wedding song that we just danced to at our wedding in February, for our impromptu honeymoon – we are here stressed and worried that all of this time and money may be for nothing.

Guillermo just called checking in on the driver, to see if he had come by the house as of yet. It has been an hour, Guillermo is right now time. However, the driver has not shown up. He was very surprised and it took him 18 minutes to contact the local FedEx office for him to tell me that the driver wasn’t able to come by the building to retrace his steps and he’d have to do it tomorrow. Guillermo was very apologetic and said that Martha or a manager would give me a call tomorrow to give me an update. Then when he got to work 5pm EST he would give me a call to check on the status.

Again, being in customer service, customer care, first impressions, and overall common sense - never would we have dreamed of the idea of another person to pass a customer off too because "it wasn’t my department" or tell the customer that it wasn’t done right in the first place, so they’d have to call back.

For my one issue I have talked to 5 people so far. And even though I’ve heard from 3 people that Melinda didn’t "put in a ticket" that first call, she still rates as #1 in my book at FedEx. When you hire people for your company I hope you look at the whole picture. Are they going to help make this company grow? Are they going to ensure our customer is taken care of? Are we taking care of them so they know what to do, how to do it, all the while with a smile and some sense of being genuine to those outside?

8/19I came home from work to find I have received no phone call. It is now 6:30 and have not received a call.

I have now been on hold for 17 minutes and have been transferred to 3 different people. The last gal is trying to send me to LEE who is asking how she can help me. I am unable to hear her as she is skipping every word and sounds extremely faint. I let Lee Sandavol know I wasn’t going to hang up as it has now been 20 minutes since I’ve been holding. So the other gal called me stating that Lee had sent her a message to give me a call, THANK YOU LEE FOR THAT! I am to wait patiently as I should be receiving a call from a manager tomorrow.

I am sending you this now in hopes of some sort of help from any one. Is anyone out there?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I really hope everything works out for you and your husband. I found this because I'm having my own frustration with FedEx at the moment.

What does One-Day Shipping mean anyway? Apparently a week to these mouth-breathers.

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