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I ordered a package for my fiance and was watching the tracking for it so I knew when it was coming. It said the mor ning of on truck for delivery so I went to work and when I came home I asked my fiance if there was a package and he said no.

I checked the tracking and it said delivered to the front porch. i checked all around the house and with neighbors and no one seemed to know anything. I assume it was stolen. But WHY leave a package on someones porch ESPECIALLY when they live off of a MAIN road where EVERYONE can see?

PUT IT AT THE BACK DOOR PEOPLE!!!! and everyone wonders why there are so many package thefts? DUH! the sad part is I live in a nice neighborhood...

It's Fed Ex's responcibility. I called them and they told me oh well we will have our driver retrace his steps and call you back in a day or two...well it's been 3 and I'm getting REALLY pissed off. It's not about the item but about the way they are handling it.


Monetary Loss: $30.

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I'm starting to wonder about mine, my story starts the same as yours, but no delivery or info yet. Been tracking since order was first placed, and nothing, said was supposed to be out for delivery today, and now all of a sudden I can't get an update through the computer or through customer service, and even the managers talk to you like you are a pile of doo that they stepped in. I refuse to use FedEx ever again, even if I have to pay twice as much for shipping

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