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I purchased a PS3 with games and and additional controller from spending 225.00 dollars I guess that does int mean much to them since the company they use to ship is FedEx and they dont require a signature for alot of things as there delivered. The package was left outside unattended anybody could had just came and snatched it up and then what?

A neighbor from upstairs from my house took it in and saved it for me when she saw it out on the steps she could have kept it and no one would have known.

A week later they delivered a baby alive that cost me 45.00 and did the same thing even Though I left a Paper taped to the door that read FedEx please do not leave package unattended simply morons thats what they are and if you complain with them they say that the package was sent to FedEx for delivery and that a signature was not required for the specific item so therefore they could leave it unattended so how much does a person have to spend in order for the package to require a signature at delivery. Very angry I dont think ill be ordering anything else from there for home delivery definitely not safe.

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They shipper does decide if a signature is required or not. it cost extra .fedex does not know what the contents of the box is

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #760982

So how would you have liked FedEx to handle this? If they required a signature and you weren't home they'd take it back to the hub and you'd complain about never getting your stuff since you work during the day when they make deliveries. :cry

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #760996

When things require signiture and your not home they they leave you a note and try a second time if they still dont get you they leave you a slip to pick up package at your local post office which is alot safer than leaving unattended.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #760963

Your complaint is with the shipper. They should have told fed-ex to require a signature.

Did you give Fed-Ex instructions on what to do with the package? Like take to a neighbor, put behind a bush? What did you expect them to do, sit with it until you arrived? Fed-Ex will do only what the shipper instructs and rightly so.

As far as the Fed-Ex guy is concerned, a note on your door could be written by anyone. Let's say he doesn't leave the package and you call Fed-Ex all po'ed. That note you write won't help him.

He will be in trouble for doing other than instructed. This is holiday season, they don't have the time to customize delivery for each customer.

to MikeBrady Dallas, Texas, United States #760992

Yea actually when you go to Fedex. Com to track package there is a option to leave instructions for them I guess they dont read them also when I called them they said decides what requires signiture and what doesint so thats why they just left it unattended. Thats why I wrote my complaint to them they should require a signiture for everything they it protects them and it protects the buyer just saying.


A lot of the things you order can be shipped site to store and there won't be a shipping charge, when you are notified that they are ready for pick up, all you have to do is go to the store and pick them up.


The fact that FedEs is doing this, doesn't make it WalMart's fault. If you don't like the way things are being delivered, see if you can go to the FedEx headquarters where you live and pick the package up yourself. That being said, you could also quit ordering things, and buy directly from the store.

to anonymous Matsqui, British Columbia, Canada #760457

Yea I will stop ordering from there also I called FedEx to complain they said that is the one who decides what packages require signiture and which ones dont THATS why I Wrote this complaint to Walmart. Thank you very much :(

to Anonymous Chantilly, Virginia, United States #760991

No you didn't. You mentioned Wal-Mart in passing.

You titled your complaint with Fed-EX's name and you berated Fed-Ex only. If you had bothered to investigate or think it through before ordering you could have prevented the issue.

How is Fed-Ex supposed to know you won't be home? Those guys are working their @sses off well into the night to get people their packages on time and you expect them to stop and work around your demands.

to MikeBrady Chicago, Illinois, United States #761000

The issue is that all packages should require signiture especially if you spend over 100.00 bucks if your not home to recieve package they would leave it at your local post office which is better than being left unattended. But since they dont require signiture there just left there.

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