My Christmas package was ordered and shipped to a Fed Ex post. So far it's been on the same truck from the same facility for 9 days now.

Same excuse is "Attempted delivery; bad weather conditions". What a crock of ***! They've not attempted one delivery. The roads are fine.

UPS made it to our house with no problems. The busses have not had any problems picking up he kids. I've not missed any work due to weather. It's just a sorry lame *** excuse.

I've called and complained and will continue to do so every day several times a day until it gets here. Absolutely the worst company I've ever dealt with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I have the same story. The Fed EX girl lied to me and said that they

had attempted to make the delivery.

When I called the service that makes the delivery thy said that they lost the package and they had not made the delivery. Why do the Fed Ex people lie to their customers.

I will be using other carriers because I am tired of Fedex trating me like a ***.

Kevin King


I know how you feel. i orded my hp computer andf it was shipped out one the 21 and i did the 2 day shipping.

its still not here yet! I have called hp and fedex to complain and the both basiclly told me to deal with it!

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