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Fed Ex never come to my home to deliver the package that I was waiting for the whole day. It was actually HP touchpad that I ordered about 3 months back, and I have been waiting so eagerly the whole day to receive the touchpad.

It was about 3 pm yesterday when I decided to check the status of the delivery. To my utter surprise it said, customer not available. Then I called them immediately, and the lady was quick to apologize on the phone. She told me that she requested the driver to come back and deliver the item.

It was then 5 :45, and the driver was not there yet, and I decided to call them again. This time the lady on the phone told me to have the item delivered to a local FedEx location that is open on Saturdays as well (which is today). I was fine with that.

Again , to my surprise, when I called them again ( the third time ), they told me that the item is in its original location (which is Maspeth, NY), and that it has not been shipped to the other FedEx location that is open on Saturdays.

So, in the first place they lied about coming to my home. And secondly, they lied about having the item shipped to a local store that I open today. I needed the computer by today because I am leaving this evening, and wont be back for several weeks.

No-one should ever use fed ex, they are not a credible company. I have used UPS before, and they are always home to deliver even if it is 8:30 at night.

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Fed Ex lies to me on a fairly regular basis. They'll tell me they didn't deliver my package on time because they couldn't find me house (or some kind of bull like that).

My house is not hard to find, in any way. It's on a city block where all the streets run N-S or E-W and the numbering is standard and consistent. Usually, I don't mind getting my package a day late, but I absolutely do not like being lied to!

(UPS is good. OnTrac is great.)


So, I went to get the package on the following Monday to the Maspath, NY location.

It was difficult to find this place, and then when I reached I found that the people who work there were very nasty, the lady who came out to give the shipment told me to step out, and that I was not allowed to be there. She was the worst customer server that you could have. Please avoid FedEx, and the Maspath, NY staff.

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