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It is December 31, 2010. Fed Ex says that they came by my house to deliver a heater that I needed.

I am home, have been home, no door bell, no knock, not delivery attempt note. I was in the living room by the door. My Toy Poodle barks at any noise, especially the door bell or knock. But, FedEx says they were at my house and made a delivery attempt.

Lies!!!! No heat for me! Fed Ex is conveniently closed for the holiday weekend.

Why would a company like Fed Ex not tell the truth! It is very disappointing

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Will never use Fedex again. If it can't be shiped by UPS I'll buy it from someone who does.


I am having the SAME problem with FEDEx. They say they attempted delivery to my office.

There is 2 people at the front desk and it is 100% impossible they attempted delivery. Filed a complaint and they can CARE LESS....AVOID FEDex for heavy packages...bunch of lazy people trying to avoid work...


if your item is heavy, you will have to go pick it up yourself bc UPS delivery guys are bunch of lazy people. Keep reporting them, post videos and whatever needs to be done until they shape up


I actually went to the terminal to pick up the package after they supposedly tried to deliver the package the previous day. While I was there I was told it was sent out for delivery but I never received it later.

No one left a note however the tracking package screen said they attempted delivery. Still don't know where it is.


Same thing happened to me. Home all day, no knock, no door tag left.

On 3rd delivery attempt, said package was delivered and that I signed for it. Lies. There was no delivery. Called seller to have item re-shipped.

Again, home all day, no knock, no door tag left, and they say that a delivery attempt was made.

Such ***. I'm in Garden Grove, CA.


I'm in a band that performed on New Years Eve and was awaiting a crucial amplifier part that was out for delivery on 12/31/10. Low and behold the driver made no attempt to contact me as I live in an apartment and the office was closed, he just left without using the simple entry system to look up my apt number.

Thanks for going the extra mile Fed Ex. Never again!

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