Fed ex lost my package, it was delivered and no signature was on file? How can people be so *** of leaving an ipod on the front door of my apartment in a building in the BRONX!!!!!

Are you freaking kidding me! Now, I received a call from FedEx stating that I should call APPLE and let them know so now APPLE is calling FEDEX so that they can "INVESTIGATE"!!! Investigate what???? I dont have my package!!!


:'( my six year boy is going to be so dissapointed if I don't get it by christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEDEX YOU SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS!!

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I worked fedex customer service and let me chime in

If you didn't ask for a signature to be required when you ordered your item(it costs extra) then fedex can just leave a package at your door. Once that package is left at your door it is no longer our responsibility.

BUT if you do call apple. Apple WILL( usually a day or two) call us and we will "investigate" where that package is just to satisfy the customer. What an investigation does is the customer service rep writes a (i guess you can call it) note to the fedex office (because they get extremely mad if customer service calls the office...why idk..its crazy....it's like uhm hello we're on the same team here and i've got a mad customer on my line) . The office will get that note and in the note it explains the custoemrs name and address(if you wish to provide that info on the note even though it's already on the trk screen) and telephone number(best to give one you use everyday) and what the situation is.

Then the office speaks to the driver that was on that particular route and if he remembers driving in that area and does he remember where he left the pkg at. If he does the driver goes out retrieves the pkg and is delivered the next day if not the same day(if it were delivered to the wrong address)

If you were to live in an apartment building(just saying for instance) sometimes the driver will leave the pkg to the front office of your building so you can easily get your pkg instead of driving 30 miles away to a fedex office to get it. You can track it online and see where the address it says it was left at or what else it says

ANYWAYS just lettin ya know what INVESTIGATE means

to Bella_Alma #584373

Or if your ordering somthing and know its important trying being home or have shipped to the terminal and get your lazy *** up and pick it up


next time go to the mall,apple store has plenty of china-made *** for you..problem solved

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