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Late payment on extended tax deadline, state. Sent 2 envelopes overnight morning guarantee. IRS arrived on time, state tax tracks undelivered . Mailbox service that shipped is told that fedex has record of lost envelope on truck, no record of ever being picked up, anywhere, or delivered. Mailbox offers shipping refund. I tell fedex I want my check back with my bank information, or at least my $30.00 shipping fee and $33.03 tax late fee. For 2 weeks fedex trace dept. tells me they will get back to me in 48 hrs. maximum, every time I call over 2 weeks they say that. Now after two weeks my trace agent is gone for next two weeks. Today I got an invoice from fedex demanding $40.81 for delivery of my paid lost envelope, under a different tracking number, billed to a tax number that does not belong to me, or to the Mailbox service. After all that, fedex still insists that the one piece of correct information that they hold, on any and all documentation amassed over the past two weeks, is that they have delivered the envelope that they have no record of picking up, have two tracking numbers and an incorrect tax ID on... that one correct piece of information I am to believe is that they have delivered the package. The package they have no correct records of, or numbers on.

I am going to send my taxes again, because the state says they didn't receive the check, and they don't care whether fedex are liars or not.

By the way, fedex gave me the same runaround ten years ago, that is why I don't use them except on mail holidays. That time, they put a fork lift through a $7,500.00 shipment, after first losing it, lied about it, and refused to pay the insurance. GoF**x yourselves!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Hey Barry. Are u by chance diagnosed with ADD?

The problem is not the last minute sending in of taxes. It's Fed Ex screwing up and ergo putting the screws to this guy.


I have to remember this. Be late on my taxes and then blame FedEx. Good one!

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