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I ship with FedEx because UPS is worse. They totally messed up for the deliveries before Christmas, and blamed the WEATHER, this is BS!

I have lost money and customers over the last couple of weeks because they will not give us our money back, which means my customers are really upset.

Spoiled product and we have no money to replace or refund. I want to find more people who think that fed ex LIED since 12/22/08, I received a few notices saying that they had too many packages, but they still say weather related-no refunds! There were no warnings ever on their site, stating there were problems, so not to ship.

The last notice was from December 10th. So, they dropped the ball. UPS did the same thing. Now we have no options for shipping, none.

Fed ex acquired DHL customers and they were totally swamped. I shipped an order last week Ground, and it arrived on time, yet I still have packages as of today, that were shipped last week Priority overnight, that were not delivered, and went bad.

This is just ridiculous. If the weather was so bad, why did the stations say they have too many packages?

Monetary Loss: $500.

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